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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Serves 3


3 nori sheets

Sushi Mat

Rice mixture

300g cooked rice

1 tablespoon rice vinegar

1 tablespoon sugar

Filling (Variety)

Tuna/ chicken/ salmon/ egg

Cucumber/ carrot/ avocado


Light soy sauce, to serve

Pickled ginger, to serve


  1. Transfer cooked rice to a large glass bowl and mix in the vinegar and sugar. Use a rice paddle to break up rice lumps and folding to combine. Continue folding and fanning the rice for 15 minutes or until rice is cool.

  2. Place a sushi mat on a clean surface with slats running horizontally. Place a nori sheet, shiny-side down, on the mat. Use rice paddle to spread a thin layer of rice over the nori sheet.

  3. Place filling (ie Tuna, cucumber, carrots) along the centre of the rice. Hold filling in place while rolling the mat over to enclose rice and filling. Repeat with remaining nori, rice, tuna, cucumber and carrots.

  4. Use a sharp knife to slice sushi widthways into 1.5cm-thick slices. Place on serving dishes with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger, if desired.

Nutrition Information (Per Serve) Energy: 270 kcal I Protein: 15g I Carb: 37g I Fat: 6g I Sodium : 243mg

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