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Vietnamese Salad Bowl

Serves 1

Time to cook: 10 min


- 100g cooked vermicelli noodle - 1 cup lettuce - 1/2 cucumber - Mint - Vietnamese mint - 30mL Vietnamese Salad Dressing - 2 Spring Rolls


1. Boil vermicelli noodle until soft. Rinse with cold water and set aside. 2. Grate carrot and soak in the salad dressing 3. Cut cucumber into strips, and dice lettuce, mint and Vietnamese mint into 1 cm pieces. 4. Meanwhile, with small amount of oil, pan-fry spring rolls in small non-stick pan until golden. 5. Arrange cucumber, herbs and spring roll on top of vermicelli noodle. 6. Serve with Vietnamese Salad dressing

Nutrition Information (Per Serve) Energy: 239 kcal I Protein: 6g I Carb: 45g I Fat: 3g I Sodium : 485mg

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