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Must Have Habits for Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Many clients come to see me for weight loss. There are habits and traits that can predict how successful they can reduce their weight and maintain long term weight loss.

Here are some DOs and DONTs for successful weight loss journey.

DO have 3 regular meals. This prevents overly hungry which often results in having larger meal portion and over eating.

DO have optimal carbohydrate portion (ie 1 cup). This ensures stable glucose response and fuel for the body (ie brain and muscle). This will also prevent mood swings. You won't become "Hangry".

DO have adequate non-starchy vegetable intake (ie 1/2 plate). This helps you to prevent over eating carbohydrates/starch portion and feel satisfied with the carbohydrate portion suggested by your dietitian.

Extra Point-----

DO have healthy snack according to your hunger level. Healthy snack is not necessary for some people. Talk to us or your dietitian to see if you need to include a healthy snack in between meals.

Dieting will only give you short term weight loss. Habit change is required for long term weight loss and maintaining weight in a healthy weight range.

DONT nibble or graze. Nibbling and grazing raises your glucose level constantly which causes body to produce insulin (insulin is a hormone that reduces glucose level by storing them into cells such as fat cells, liver cells etc.)

DONT have food after dinner. Our body metabolism do slow down at night. If you already have carb at dinner, having another fruit, yoghurt or chocolate, or dessert after dinner meals can increase your glucose level further. Excessive glucose will be stored.

DONT eat too fast. Our brain needs about 20 minutes to register nerve signals (Vagus Nerves) from stomach stretches and fullness hormone (Leptin). Not chewing well and eating too fast can make you eat more than what you need.

Do you resonate with any of these points? Start changing these eating pattern and habits to have a more long term weight loss and maintenance.

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